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Stage 2 Course
MD Imaging Network
Endorsed by the Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography, the professional society devoted exclusively to cardiovascular CT
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Cardiac CT Intensive Board Review Book
CoAP Comprehensive Board Review Book

STAGE 2: Master Course & Certification (Level 3)
"1st TRUE, CBCTA Board Exam Guided Training Programs in the US!"
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Review the CBCTA Board Exam Content Outline and Compare.

STAGE 2: Master Course & Certification (Level 3)

  • Achieve SCCT Level 3 Certification: Advanced Interpreter and/or Lab Director
  • Board Exam Preparation: In-Depth Coverage of a Variety of Pathologies
  • Clinical Expertise: New Applications, Congenital Disease, Acute CP
  • Technical Expertise: Guide Technologist & Individualize Protocols
  • Administrative Expertise: Expand Services & Improve Efficiency

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Cardiac CTA Board Exam Guided Advanced Curriculum

STAGE 2: Master Course: Level 3 Curriculum

Adobe Acrobat Download Advanced Level 3 Curriculum
AM Lecture: CCTA Lab Management: Optimizing Network, Workflow, & Protocols
Work Station: Advanced Workstation Techniques & Differentiation Between Different CT Technologies
PM Lecture: Indication & Reimbursement: History, Present, Future Perspectives & New Applications
Review with Expert: Case Review with Experts
AM Lecture: Optimization of CTA: Advanced Acquisition, Reconstruction, & Post-Processing
Work Station: Case Critiques & Alternative Diagnostic Modalities
PM Lecture: Radiation & Radiation Safety: Protocols & Patient Selection, Children & Pregnancy
Review with Expert: Case Review with Experts
AM Lecture: Artifacts II: Optimization from Acquisition & Reconstruction to Interpretation
Work Station: Case Review
PM Lecture: New Applications of CTA: Imaging Patients with Acute Chest Pain
Review with Expert: Case Critiques, Pre-operative Planning & Cath Correlation
AM Lecture: Valvular Diseases & Pericardial Disease
Work Station: Case Review: Advanced Workstation Training
PM Lecture: Myocardial Disease & Cardiac Masses
Review with Expert: Case Critiques Myocardium & Chamber Diseases & EP, PCI, Surgical Correlations
AM Lecture: Applications of CCTA II: Advanced Congenital Heart Diseases
Work Station: Case Critiques, EP, PCI, & Surgical Correlations
PM Lecture: New Applications of CCTA: Pre & Post Interventions & Surgery
Review with Expert: Coronary Vessel: Advanced Analysis & Case Review: Surgical Planning

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